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Tweaking the Editor's Interface
  28th August, 2018

The Editor definitely needs a decent GUI, but I'm unsure whether I'm better off with a simpler one, or something a little more fully featured.


In the screenshot above, there's a Save icon top left, a Test icon top right alongside a single-button level select (4 levels, leftmost is currently selected)
On the bottom are a row of selectable tiles, along with a button to select from the other 4 rows of tiles.

I'll be honest, it's not the most intuitive of editors, and it definitely needs a rethink.

Trying to find something that fits onto the 3DS is proving to be the most difficult part of this process, as there's really not an awful lot of screen-estate when you need to fit everything onto a single screen.

I might continue on this path, or try coming up with a completely different style. I'm not currently sure.

Stay tuned to find out!!

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