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Going Barmy with Bats
  14th September, 2018

You wouldn't believe how much time I've spent, today, trying to get the Bat movement to work right!


Diagonal movement.. Why must I always give those bloomin' things diagonal movement!?!

They seem to be fairly chaotic, now. Of all the things in a JNKPlat game, these are pretty much the only element that has a single crumb of randomness, meaning they're not always entirely predictable.

There are now darts and Bats and even a springy Jack in the game.
I could probably do with adding a horizontal walker character, too, just to round off the different ways you can die!

Having said that, I've still got 3 extra tile slots left in the "Ways you can die" selection screen. Hmmm..

As far as making levels goes, I spent FAR too long getting the bat movement to work correctly, and have pretty much lost the entire bloomin' day.


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