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Today's Plan
  16th September, 2018
More level building.
More Foldapuz tweaking.
More new puzzles to add.
More new tiles to add.

All the more's!


I definitely need to rejig those early tutorial levels, so they're more fulfilling as actual levels, and not just tiny nothingnesses.
Levels that teach the player how to cope with the various obstacles within the game, and also help you get used to the two button jump.

Speaking of which, although I've added a one button jump scheme, I really need to fix up a few issues with that.
Attempting it, yesterday, and a vast number of levels were completely impossible with the one button method, mostly because of the lack of directional jump.
I need to add in a "If holding right and hitting jump, definitely jump right" (and for left) so that you can vaguely control the direction you're jumping in.
Of course, it's not ideal for occasions like dart-jumping, but it'd be better than what it currently is.
.. I think!

Intensive testing will need to be done!

But, incase I haven't said it before, it's probably best to get used to two button jumping!!

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