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More Newness!
  17th September, 2018
I accomplished a fair number of things, yesterday, but not enough, so today will be more of the same.


I got the light-up bridges working in JNKPlat, yesterday. Those are hard to find the right balance for, mostly because the game's speed is slightly different between the Desktop and 3DS edition.

It's nothing that's noticeable, and I have in fact done it so that the two versions "Feel" about the same, but the 3DS version tends to run at a slightly slower framerate, so I've kicked the delta timing up a notch to compensate.

Most of the objects tend to run with tick-based timings, so are fairly stable across all devices, but the timing whilst running across a light up bridge was fairly difficult to get right.
I'm pretty confident that the bridges now work the way they're supposed to, but lots of testing will be required to be absolutely certain.

I've now replaced most of the "basic" tutorial levels with much more interesting ones, but I still need some kind of "push X button for Y event" tutorial thing onscreen.
I'm also considering forcing WASD/J/K/L (or game controller!) for desktop users. It would certainly solve a lot of issues..

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