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  11th October, 2018
Tonight I spent a good couple of hours working on the Checksums for the JNKPlat level editor.


Although fairly simplistic in their methods, I needed to add all sorts of doublechecking and deleting of scores, too!
If you edit a level, the "4-lights" level completion score is automatically reset to 0 for that pack. This way, only levels packs which are the creator is able to complete will be uploaded to the level server.

Another thing I need to look into is combining those recorded scores. At the minute, each pack is it's own int in the big list of ints.
But that's a 3 byte value (0,1,2,3 or 4 levels complete) being stored in a 32 bit integer.
It doesn't take a super-computer-whizz to realise that can be made a little better, but it'll also require a rejigging to anything that stores or reads those values, so it's probably going to be a fairly large task.
But if it results in me being able to store the scores for roughly 10 times as many levels, that seems like something I should probably aim towards.

Yup.. I've still got plenty to do in this game!

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