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Y6:W1 - Greenie's Mini Quest
  7th January, 2014
Or, as the titlescreen would have you call it, "Greenie's Little Adventure"
Feel free to use either of the two titles!

Welcome back!
AGameAWeek starts anew, this week, with a nice little remake of a game I made a good 7 or 8 years ago.
My original "The Quest" game took a board-game-style approach, but never really got very far due to the limits and oddities of trying to play a board game on a computer. It felt strange to have to roll dice all the time, and the battles were never that great.
I'm not entirely sure why I decided to retackle the idea, this week, but something stirred me, and so I opted to give it a go.


Greenie's Mini Quest sees our hero Greenie roaming around the dungeon, hunting for his friend Dave.
If you find Dave, you get to move on to the next level.
And so the game continues with up to 1000 levels!

There's not an awful lot of variety, and you'll probably get bored after about 20-or-so levels (if not, before!) but as a nice and simple little dungeon-roamer, I think it's a nice little game to play.

You can Download Greenie's MiniQuest here for Windows or Android, or you can play it in your browser.



Windows Edition
As is the norm with my Monkey-based games, if the game throws an OpenAL.dll error, you'll need to install OpenAL before you can play. Installer can be found here.

Android Edition
Although the Android edition does indeed work, I'm not happy with the controls. I tried both static dpad and shifty pad, but neither felt exact enough. I've settled on shifty pad, though, since it seems vaguely more comfortable.
If you have a USB controller, and a nice USB-to-MicroUSB dongle thing, plug it in, and it should work just fine!

OUYA Edition
I really wanted the OUYA edition to be ready for launch, this morning, but alas the game got rejected from OUYA-Sandbox for what I can only describe as the most ludicrous reason imaginable.
The complaint was that if you tap the OUYA System/Menu button whilst in the game's main menu, the game quits.
ALL my OUYA games do that.
That's been a standard since I started doing OUYA games 3 months ago.

I'll be tweaking my framework, and probably throwing something really moronically stupid in there, instead.
OUYA edition should be popping up around about Friday, or so, give or take.

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