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Y2:W42 - ScoreRack
  11th June, 2010
Jayenkai's World Cup Challenge : A plan to do something, rather than sit watching football for 90 minutes each and every day..

Well, that didn't go to plan, but it's not entirely awful, either.
In fact, it's turned out so nicely that I've even added it to the Archive.
AGameAWeek just took a turn for the weird!

Today's quickly made game was made in about 4 hours, and is a nice Scrabble inspired wordgame.

Simple rules..
You have a rack with tiles, and you place them wherever you'd like upon the grid.

You also have a Score Target.
If you fail to hit that target, you don't get any points for your word.
Sometimes the target will be "Get More than ...", and sometimes it'll be "Get Less than ..."

If you're completely stuck, you might want to hit the Swap Tiles button.. But that'll use points, so use sparingly.

If you get rid of all the tiles, you get 100 bonus points!!!
Or if not, keep whatever you have, and get out!!!

Downloadable from The Jay Archive for Win/Mac/Linux (or will be Lin/Mac in a jiffy, I'm switching over to compile them, now!!)

Here's how it happened


Paintshop Pro
Draw Tile rack, grab texture from Google, add layers, add shadow, job done.
(15 mins?!)

Draw Plain Tile

Draw 26 letters, and 26 values

13:00 (yikes!)
Draw background grid things.

Half Time, Relax, Make a Brew!!!


Start coding, add tiles and values
Note, my BlitzMax Framework handily contains a ready made WordList, so I can be super lazy and not have to deal with that.
A simple CheckWord(This) will tell me if a word exists. *phew*

Create TileBag, and couple of function to deal with it.

Add simple grid layout, and empty tilerack.

Place random letters into rack, draw rack.

Simple tile movement

Movement fixing, lots of "latching", things moving nicely.

14:00 (5 mins left!?!)
Form word, check word..

Bah.. Extra Time

Word Scoring mechanism.

Game Progression

Score adding, best scores, best words

HiLo thing added

Particles for Win/Lose

Adding "Swap Tiles" button, game mostly ready

Adding big X, game nearly done..

Used the time of about 2 matches, by now! Never mind!
Tweaking here and there to make the game nice.

Will probably do, at this point, but since I'm way over schedule, I might as well shove some Audio into it, to finish it off..
Fruityloops and Cooledit are used to tweak some sounds into existence.

Sound added, game playable, testing...

That'll do..
Nearly 4 whole hours, close enough

Screenshots, bundle to zip, switch on Mac, prepare to upload to archive (because, it actually turned out quite nice!)

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