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7 results
  19th June, 2017
Laura Plat is raiding her way around the map, searching for the Three Crystals. Can you help her find them?
Views 843, Upvotes 25, 19th June, 2017
Retroraider , Demake , Pitfall , Tombraider , Retroraider
  8th April, 2014
From the ages of the past, comes the classics of the Future
Views 1813, Upvotes 3, 8th April, 2014
Demake , Parody , Greenie , Minigames
  16th November, 2010
Run and jump and jump and run! Note : Due to the high speed of the flickering, this is probably really bad if you suffer from Photosensitive Epilepsy.
Views 2645, Upvotes 13, 16th November, 2010
Demake , Rapid Death , Run , Experimental
  12th July, 2010
Help Lara find the Cross
Views 5877, Upvotes 30, 12th July, 2010
Remake , Demake , Retroraider
  16th May, 2008
Help Lara find the Cross.
Views 1689, Upvotes 64, 16th May, 2008
Remake , Demake , Retroraider
  9th July, 2006
Rubbish Sonic in Ascii
Views 1250, Upvotes 8, 9th July, 2006
Remake , Demake
  4th April, 2006
Games from the future...
Views 1511, Upvotes 23, 4th April, 2006
Multiple Games , Demake , Remake , Minigames
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