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Friday MusicAL
  22nd December, 2017

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The Pulpish AL Bum is now almost complete.
Just one last track to go.


Nothing happened, yesterday.


It seems that me declaring that this weekend will be "shutdown mode", has turned me into a useless puddle of developer-less goo.

I spent most of yesterday watching random Youtube videos about Pokemon, mostly from Pikasprey and attempting a bit more music, but..

My mind is now officially asleep for the next day or so!

Or at least, it's trying to be.
Because whirling away in the background are little ideas to make the joystick thumbsticks a little more precise, and how I might be able to compress level data down a little better if I use the compression I used for the wordlist.

Lots of little random thoughts are jumping around in my head, and I think today will probably be spent dealing with those.

AGameAWeek never stops!!

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