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Nothing Found :(
  12th August, 2018

The centipedes have returned. Bring out your balls.

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Daily Blog , 574
  10th August, 2018
Minor tweaks to the still untitled New Centipong, but nothing too interesting to bother to mention.
Mostly yesterday was a sidetracked day..

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Daily Blog
  13th August, 2018
Although August 13th isn't a significant date in my health matters, it is the date that I wrote this rather lengthy blog post, back in 2012.
It's now become a bit of a tradition for me to post an annual update on this date.
Other Jiggity Posts

The posts are given the title "Jiggity", because my original post was titled "Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig"!
It's a handy keyword when searching for these health posts.

The Tumour

A tumour/cyst/blob was wedged in my head, somewhere between the Spinal Cord and Cerebellum, near the Fourth Ventricle.
Thankfully the tumour turned out to be none-cancerous, but once they removed it, the balance issues kicked in, and I ended up stuck in the hospital, on various drips and oodles of medicines, vomiting daily, for literally months.
It wasn't a pleasant time.

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Daily Blog , Health , Jiggity
  24th August, 2018

You know what might be handy?
If I had some kind of magic title generator, so I could type in the name of a game, and it'd go "Kapoof!" and magic me up a wide variety of possible titlecards.

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Daily Blog
  4th September, 2018
The Quantum-Locked crates still need shuffled around the map.
Put on your safety hat, and get back to work.
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  2nd October, 2018

We start things off with "The Unfinished Beta"

At this point, I've been working on JNKPlat 2018 for about a month. The whole of September (except for the week when I had flu, and it completely floored me) has been spent recreating the wonderful world of JNKPlat.

The game runs well enough on 3DS and PC alike, and is currently up to a decent enough state that I've opted to release the current version as a "demo" of sorts.

You can Download the game here for Windows or 3DS.

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Daily Blog
  4th January, 2011
You all know how to play this one!

Also on iPhone/iPod/iPad
Bounce continuously to the right, avoid the spikes, shoot at them occasionally, Super Spike Dislike!!
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  12th June, 2015
You all know the drill!
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Spike , Platform , Endless , Spikedislike
  20th October, 2018
Yesterday was an effort.

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Daily Blog
  26th August, 2008
I'm not entirely sure who came up with this idea, but it's been roaming around the internet for the past few years.
This week's Wednesday Workshop #165 was to create a game using only one button.
So, Heck, why not!
I grabbed the generic Cowbell Hero logo from the net. I'm still not sure who originally designed it, but there it is.
In went Platdude, and a few silly songs, and then a few extra songs from the folk at ModArchive.com, and within just a few days the job was done.

And now you can play it, and be happy that Guitar Hero's a little more complex than that, and thus well worth the money!
You can Download Cowbell Hero here.
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  18th March, 2012
Another Sunday in hospital.
Since I posted last Tuesdays game, I've been cooped up in an NHS bed, waiting..

A "something" was found in a CT scan, an ambulance called, something drained, and now its a case of waiting around to see exactly what that something turns out to be.

It's annoying to think that, nearly two whole weeks later, I'm still sat here. I still have a headache, and I still have a sore neck.

And I wonder/worry what the results may bring?
Operation two is not out of the question..
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Pain , Health
  13th August, 2012
If you've been following AGameAWeek for the past few years, you'll have noticed the occasional blip, where I've mentioned having a repeating neck cramp, with accompanying migraines. These have gotten steadily worse, up until early March 2012, when I was curled over the toilet bowl, throwing up a worryingly black goo of sorts.
Enough was enough!

An ambulance was called, and after my blood pressure failed to register (too high!?) I was whizzed off to Bolton general where they continued to test my blood pressure, over and over again. Luckily they also decided to do a CT scan, because that's where they finally found the tumour, nestled in between my brain and my spine.
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Health , Jiggity
  26th July, 2017
Two years ago, I was riding high.
I was preparing to launch the biggest and (IMHO) best EVER version of SpikeDislike.

SpikeDislike3 was due to be, without a doubt, one of my most important releases EVER.
I'd put months of work into it, and if anyone knows me, they know that that's a HUGE amount of effort from me.

It was ready, it passed Apple Review, it launched, and then I released the Android one.

All was good!
All was golden!!
\o/hurray for mobile gaming\o/

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Daily Blog
  4th September, 2018

Those blocks need shifting.
Get back to work.

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Release , 576
  4th October, 2018
I spent most of yesterday working on the Foldapuz site.

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Daily Blog
  2nd August, 2007
This week, an In-Progress experiment.

Use the flash thing on the top right of the site. Doodle yourself a little image, then click "New" which will not only start you off again, but also save the icon to a file on my site.

In the next few days I'll be collecting all the icons (and moderating them!) and then placing them into future games. They'll be used in plenty of ways, from Picross puzzles, to odd little incidental imagery.

Hopefully I'll be able to collect a fair few of them, and I'm looking forward to seeing what images you can come up with.

Thanks for your help.
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Daily Blog
  13th October, 2013
I can't exactly say I've been enjoying the time off..
To be honest, 95% of September was spent working on the big BlastTrax update, and so far most of October has been similarly working on Sheep Goes Right.
It's actually a heck of a lot of stuff to cram into such a short amount of time, and it's been so much effort that I've been neglecting AGameAWeek.
But.. You know.. They're both nice big games, and they're both sort of worth the effort. Or at least, I think so, anyway!

Meanwhile I've gone and bought an OUYA, so I have to faff about figuring all of that stuff out, and fixing up old games so they fit better on the system, with Overscan and physical controls and other stuff.

At some point I'd also like to fit in some GTAV time, because according to the website I've only been playing for about 20 hours, total. I've also yet to even start up the GTAVOnline element.
Hmmm.. What can I say, I'm still no great player!

Anyhoo, lots to do, lots being done, and lots more to come.
I'm now considering how feasible it could be to do an Advent Calendar.
I'm trying to figure out a nice way to allow a daily unlock function, but I'm not sure Monkey could handle that, so..
Not sure, really.

Perhaps I could just (just?!) do a nice big minigame collection, and hope that people play one-a-day on their own.
.. They probably won't!

Anyway, that's what's currently running through my head, and if I attempted it at all, it would take up most of the next couple of months to get it all done in time for December 1st.
I'm not 100% sure if I can achieve all of that, in time, but..
Hey, that's half the fun, right!!?

Wish me luck, and if you've got an OUYA, expect some nice rebuilds over the next few weeks, or so, as I fix up some old favourites and relaunch them on the device.
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Daily Blog
  14th May, 2013
Try your best, in this epic battle, as Idigidragon once again storms the city.
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Remake , Rawr , Dragon , Duck
  17th November, 2015
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  28th August, 2018

The Test button is now on the top left, next to the save button.
The tile-menu is now on the bottom left instead of the right, leaving quite a gap on the bottom right of the screen. I might need to tweak that a bit!

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