About : Let’s Play

All games at AGameAWeek are (as of typing this : March 2016!) Let’s Play Safe.
If you’re a Lets Player (is that the right phrase?) you can safely Lets Play any of the games in my archive.


Selection : I’m only talking about games that I’ve created, and that are in my Game Archive. If I happen to have posted about anybody elses games in my blog, those aren’t under my jurisdiction!
Otherwise, feel free to Lets Play any of the games from the archive.
It’s a huge list!

About Me : Be sure to let your players know that you got the game from AGameAWeek.com, or that it’s “Yet another bloody Jayenkai game” or something.
“Jayenkai” = “J N K”
Don’t forget to include a link to the game in the description!
If you need art for your thumbnail, there’s usually a fair number of bits and pieces available from the Archive, under the Assets section… Although that depends entirely on how old the game is. I’m slowly working my way back through the archive to bulk all of that up, but if you need something specific, let me know.

About you : Be sure to let me know about your video. I enjoy watching how other people play my games, and I tend to learn a lot from seeing how people interact with my games. I can also post about your video here, and let people know over Twitter and Facebook, so there’s a little back’n’forth publicity between my players and your viewers!
Twitter : @Jayenkai
Email : Jayenkai@Gmail.com

Discuss : Be vocal in your video. As much fun as watching my game move and interact is, it’s much more interesting to listen to the player as they play.
I already know what my game looks like. That’s not why I’m watching Lets Plays.
I want to hear YOU. I want to feel your excitement or disappointment as you play.
When you die, tell me why!
If you complete a level, let out a cheer!
Enjoy or dislike the games, and let the player know exactly why you love or hate it.
YOU are the reason your channel exists. Don’t forget to put yourself into your videos.

Music : We all know that YouTube can be a total bitch when it comes to copyright claims.
Although, for the most part, I tend to create my own music, sometimes I’ve found that it can be falsely “claimed” by other artists. My Blockman Worlds theme, in particular, seems to get half-a-dozen claims every time I upload it!!
As such, you’ll probably be safer if you turn the music off before playing. (Usually in the options menu.)
This isn’t a requirement, more a suggestion. If you’ve uploaded more than a dozen Lets Plays, I’m sure you’ve already had to deal with this!!

Rewards : There will be no financial gain. If you’d like to place adverts on your video, feel free, but I won’t be dishing out any of my cash because you happened to play one of my games.
For what it’s worth, the games in my archive are Freeware, so I’m not exactly rolling in the dough myself, either.
If your video helps my game become super-mega-epically-popular, all that means is that I have to spend a bit more on my server’s bandwidth so that people can continue to download the free game.
.. And you can count the number of adverts on my site using a single finger.

I’m really not making anything at all, other than the few larger iOS games that I’ve made, which sell at a rate of about 1 copy a week.

Otherwise, have fun and feel free to play any of the hundreds of games that I’ve created over the past decade or so.
Even if you post a video a day, there’s almost an entire year’s worth of games, here.
You could have a weekly “Another bloody Jayenkai Game” segment on your channel, and have it run for years without running out of games!!

You can find any/all of my games on The Jayenkai Archive, spanning the decade or so that I’ve been coding on the PC.. assuming you can get them to run 😀

Have Fun!