Player Thoughts – Rainbow Balls

Each week, as people submit comments to the various games, I’ll try to keep tabs on them all and collect them into these Player Thoughts posts.
Luckily, RSKGames seems to be the only one doing it, so it’s not that hard to keep track of!
Feel free to give your own feedback.

This week, RSKGames looks at Rainbows Shooting From My Balls..!!


Game Overview: Pong with a twist, many balls with trailing rainbow colors. When player fails to connect with 10 balls the game is over. When player misses a ball a rainbow is formed where the ball hits the wall.
Player’s paddle on the left side, computer AI’s pad on the right.

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Same Theme!!

I’ve spent most of this morning searching through a number of WordPress themes.
There’s been a couple of “maybe” themes, but honestly, nothing stood out as a great choice for a replacement theme.
I guess I’ll be sticking with this one, then!
Hopefully nobody minds.

What’s with all the plain bland “almost unreadable not-quite-black-enough” text on a bland white background themes?
Nothing’s segmented, either, and blog posts run into each other, in a horrible unreadable mess.
I prefer my nice blue background, proper bordered boxes and readable content.
Bah, humbug.

Note : If your wordpress theme’s “Customize” / “Live Preview” isn’t showing up, try using Firefox. Seems to be a “None-Legal” use of iFrames, according to Chrome. :\