Player’s Thoughts – Disco Bert

Each week, people share their thoughts with my games, and I like to make little community topics where I can answer/comment on their comments!
It’s a comment-o-rama!


I find a little more effort could be put in to the title screens of some of your more recent games. Why not do what you used to do, and add a little more visuals of some kind to it?

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Player Thoughts – Flappadiddle

Regular game reviewer RSKGames has sent his thoughts on this week’s game.

If you’d like to do similar, then do!
There’s nothing stopping you, and you’ll even get your own section in these posts.

You can Play Flappadiddle here.


JNK has given a great tribute to the “Flap across” mini game from “Read Error A” in the
Flappadiddle game. As I have mentioned previously “Flap across” is my favorite mini game in the “Read Error A” game bundle.

Tribute?! OK, sure! But I’m not sure it’s normal to call something a tribute after just 2 weeks of the original being created!!
Yeah, Flap Across was an unexpectedly fun game, and luckily this version turned out just as good.

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Player Thoughts – Read Error A

If any comments are made on AGameAWeek games, they’ll end up in this giant sprawling topic of feedback!

You can download Read Error A here, for Windows, play it in your browser via HTML5, and hopefully it’ll be available on Razer Forge soon, unless they think it’s broken 😀


The glitch effect, 10 second restriction and widely different mini games gameplay has made this week’s game as big as 17 week’s worth of games.

This game is very much inspired by Nintendo’s wonderful WarioWare, which has appeared on GameBoy Advance, GameCube, DS and Wii.
I’ve loved these games since I played the *cough* totally legal download *slaps wrist* of the original Japanese version. If you can imagine trying to play this thing with Japanese text, not knowing what any of the little captions are, but still playing along anyway.. That’s how I first experienced WarioWare, and bloody hell, did I love it!
I’ve bought and still own ALL the WarioWares that I Nintendo have released over in the UK.
I’m a WarioWare superfan, and ain’t ashamed to admit it!
..I’m still annoyed that “Game’n’Wario” wasn’t a proper WarioWare, and that WarioWare Twisted never got released over here.

For reference, all the games are created using simple default Amstrad CPC ascii-characters, the ones that are available when you turn the system on, and for the most part, stay true to the Amstrad’s default colourscheme, too.

“Read Error A” is the message that would occasionally pop up when the Amstrad had misread a cassette, whilst trying to load it!
It was FAR too common, and resulted in you having to reload everything all over again.

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