Same Theme!!

I’ve spent most of this morning searching through a number of WordPress themes.
There’s been a couple of “maybe” themes, but honestly, nothing stood out as a great choice for a replacement theme.
I guess I’ll be sticking with this one, then!
Hopefully nobody minds.

What’s with all the plain bland “almost unreadable not-quite-black-enough” text on a bland white background themes?
Nothing’s segmented, either, and blog posts run into each other, in a horrible unreadable mess.
I prefer my nice blue background, proper bordered boxes and readable content.
Bah, humbug.

Note : If your wordpress theme’s “Customize” / “Live Preview” isn’t showing up, try using Firefox. Seems to be a “None-Legal” use of iFrames, according to Chrome. :\

Player Thoughts – Bugsplodings

Each week, Player’s submit their thoughts on that week’s game.
Let’s see what people thought of Bug destruction!


Game Overview: In a randomly generated level infested with a small number of big green bugs and lot of smaller white bugs the player is a floating exploding bomb. Using just 3 bombs per level the player has to kill all the green bugs to progress to the next level.

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