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OK, Now What?
  20th August, 2017


Smile Basic Release Dates
Japan - November 19, 2014
US - October 15, 2015
Europe - August 17, 2017

Gee, thanks, guys..


So, Smile Basic finally arrived in the UK, this week!
I'll assume it must've been all the insane the cost of not having to manufacture all those cartridges that made it so hard to bring over here..
I grabbed it, yesterday, figured the majority of it out, and got "most" of SpikeDislike working.
I still need to add the all-important scoring, and maybe a logo, but otherwise it's all nice and playable.

.. But then what!?
I'm reading horror shows about sharing games, and it really isn't looking as simple as the older PetitComputer's method of "Just upload a QR Code" methods.
Today I'll finish the game off, and if I can figure it all out then I'll upload it and let you know where to access the thing. .. But you'd still need a copy of Smile Basic on a 3DS, so I imagine the audience wouldn't be too big for this one!


I had to create my own Random Number Generator to put into various php scripts, yesterday, since apparently the new webhost has disabled php's native "Random Seed" stuff. ..."For security".. Or rather, "Because idiot web-dev's didn't know what they were doing, and ruined it for the rest of us."
The random number generator isn't amazing, but isn't used in many places. It's mostly for redrawing temporary avatars, pixelarf scrawls, and other such silly nonsensical things.

Lots of maths and %'s all over the place!

A fun coding challenge

Daily Doodle : A Gift

Platdude gives his friend a lovely rose.
A pretty flower, for a pretty Platizen.


Smile Basic isn't Basic.
It's C, but with a mask.
No Basic needs two equal signs,
When testing is the task.


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