PRC2 : Day 13 : The Fundamental Flaws

As game time progresses, so do the many bugs that appear!
With sprites drawing WAY out of bounds, and memory being messed up all over, there’s chaos in the game.

But a few tweaks here and there, and everything’s coming together nicely!

Another slight issue, though, cropped up suddenly.
PALib warned me I didn’t have enough memory for all the artwork! Uhoh!!!

To be fair, it was 2* 512×512 pixel starfields, so it was kinda big. But even so, it wasn’t directly loaded into the Video Memory at the time.. It was just a small chunk of art, ready for use whenever.
That’s a slight issue.
I’ve reduced the starfield, and that’s working now, but it doesn’t bode well if I overdo the art in future.
I might need to keep an eye on things as I go, because if “Art unloaded” is still taking up that much space in the game, I can’t go around crazily drawing mountains of sprites for each and every game.

Anyway, Game #4’s in.

And it has a starfield!

Platfire 2!

A long forgotten game gets a remake today.
Platfire was originally made, way way back in Wednesday Workshop #2!!

To be fair, #1’s probably the better game, style wise. (As in, it wasn’t rushed within a few hours, since yesterday!!)
But Platfire 2 is in the “It’s super hard, and you won’t get much of a score” style that I seem to be leaching onto, these days.

Piles and piles of enemies will appear, and you just keep taking shots at ’em until you’re dead.

As I type this, I realise I’ve forgotton to put a health-meter anywhere on the screen, so.. count yourself! You get 6 hits..

You can Download Platfire 2 Here and try not to die too quickly!

PRC2 : Day 12 : Game #4 – Nearly…!

Game 3 needed a few tweaks, here and there, this morning.
Mostly due to the controls being a little twitchy.

Plus, something’s missing.
And annoyingly, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the missing something is indeed Ingame Music!

It’s bad enough having to create a jingle for each and every game, but to now start building up a bunch of little ingame tunes, let alone a big enough collection that folk won’t grow tired of.
That’s a lot of music to do!


I might need some help with this bit!!

Any MOD musicians out there?

PRC2 : Day 11 : Finally, Game #3!

With more tweaking than my head could stand, I finally got Game #2 wrapped up yesterday, so I’m finally starting on Game #3, today.
As stated previously, Game #3 will be reusing quite a lot of the core engine that Game #2 used, so it should be short and sweet putting it all together, like some kind of coded jigsaw puzzle.

Once that’s done, Game #4’s ready to get going (ie, I have a vague idea in my head!) and will also be coded in Blitz for this week’s AGameAWeek, so watch out for that.. .. within 2 days! eeek!

Carrying on from there, I’ve got a few quicky ideas in mind that’ll do for games #5,6 and 7, although.. Whether #7 will be easy, I’m not too sure.. If not, I’ll have to come up with another idea, instead. I still have the large list of ideas, over at GBATemp to refer to. So, shouldn’t be too hard!

Oh, and the basics of the menu are in.
The border of the titlescreen looks amazingly similar to PRC1’s titlescreen, having been copy+pasted across 😉
I’m not sure if the actual menu method will be the same, and right now it’s not even a menu.. it’s a case of “Tap the screen to play the game I’m currently working on” which seems to work reasonably well 🙂

Anyhoo, I’m getting ahead of things.. Game #3 has to be done first!

So I’m off to do that.
Wish me luck!

PRC2 : Day 10? : Still Game #2!

Off and on, a bit at a time, the past few days, what with the DIY, and the AGameAWeek, and the Socoder work the past few days.. So, rather than call 10 minute sessions a day at a time, I’ll call them a great big long “Popping in and out, looking at the code, struggling to figure out what’s wrong, and then going to do something else instead” day.
It’s a cheat, but since the annoying issue is still there, it still counts!

I’m stuck on Game #2.
And it’s annoying that I’m stuck on game #2.
Because this small (really small!) bug is actually integral to a lot of other games.
Game #3, for one, will need this working.
See, as much as I got the wraparound sprites working, occasionally (not very often, but occasionally) one or two of them will inexplicably vanish from sight.
It’s very annoying, and I’m still wrestling with the code to get them working.

I’d like to move on, but still I’m here at Game #2.

Progress is slow.
I hate bugs.

More later.

Blockman Forever!

A nice quicky, this week.

Having spent most of the week doing DIY, sorting out Socoder, and occasionally working on PRC2 when I get a chance, I’ve not had much time for a game, this week..

So, I did what all frantic coders do.

I threw loads of colour on the screen, and hid the fact that I haven’t done much work this week 😀

No levels.. As you move, pellets will replenish.
No power pellets, either, so no eating up the ghosties..

Just You, Pellets, Ghosts, and that’s it…

Score as many points as you can.

You can Download Blockman Forever Here.. \o/ Yeay! \o/

Oh, and it’s quite fast, too! So, watch for that!

More Socoder Work

Another morning complaining to GoDaddy. They didn’t know what was up, so I sorted it out myself.
Silly GoDaddy.
Problem solved, eventually, but with no time left for any Game work today..
Still, there’s always tomorrow.
Or tonight 😉

PRC2 : Day 8 : More of Game #2

Game #2’s turning out quite well, except it’ll probably need to be taken down a peg or two.
Currently it’s, shall we say, a little psychedelic!
And, that’s only amplified once it gets onto the blurry DS screen!
Lots of motion + lots of colour = lots of Weeeeeeee!!!

Not a good combination.

It looks great, but it’s probably not going to look that great for long.
Which is a shame.

The player’s in, and I’m ready for adding AI to the game.
Once that’s done, Game #3 will follow quickly afterwards, since Games 2 and 3 share a large amount of elements.

Lovely stuff.
More to come..

Flinging Ships!

Just a nice simple game this week, mostly done after my shouting at Worms, earlier this week..
It’s nothing fancy, as I’ve been short on time, but.. We’ll call it a Start.!

Ship Flinging!
20 ships on screen.
Each one counts their distance from their start place.
Blast them all to the right, and get a score based on their total movement.

Simple stuff.

You can Download Flinging Ships here.

If you want a complete worms clone, you’ll just have to wait. Kinda busy right now!