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Yeah, whatever...
  9th August, 2009
With the nice big experimental writeup complete, I figured we'd get a boost in visitors.

Want to see the results?!!
See inside!!

A nice steady stream of high-days, as opposed to things going instantly back down to the mid 30's like they usually do.
Over the course of the 5 days, and even still today, we're getting a half decent stream. Sure, it's nothing amazing, but it's probably more visitors than we've had here for a while.
It's rather worrying, then, to note that Microbes, on it's own, managed to beat the thing.

What a waste of time that was, then! May as well have just posted another game, and had done with it!
Aw well, hindsight 20/20, what can you do.

As a direct comparison, there's this..

Which, I think says a lot about our whole endeavour.

That's really really depressing!


OK, no matter, lets keep at it.
New year, new rules, new thoughts.
First off, I'm going to take another week off. I know, I know, but I have work to do, and that's more important.
I'm going to spend this week learning Flash. I'm still not sure what I'm going to use. I might use SoThink Quicken, 'cos that's an el'cheapo Flash alternative, with more-or-less complete Flash usability. I might use hAxe, which is a Free text-based Flash compiler.. or I might use Flex, which is the same as hAxe, but since it's made by Adobe, I'd need to install about 1800Gb of shite before I can use it.
Go figure!
Whichever I decide to use, I'll get learning it quick, and hopefully I'll have something ready by next Tuesday. We'll get the ball rolling on Year Two : Flash!

Moving into Flash will of course have it's drawbacks, most importantly that I can't really save things like I used to.
The accumulating Badges that I spent weeks working out, the saved highscores, all that stuff. That's all gotta go!

I'll probably keep the badges in one way, though.
Having played Microbes from scratch a few dozen times, I started to realise that it's a lot of fun if you aim to get ALL the badges in one single play. So, with that in mind, I might leave them in as "Per Play" as opposed to accumulated. That might work.. I'm not sure, but we'll give it a go.
Highscores will have to be worked out differently, probably just using cookies or something. And I'll probably also need to write a whole new Highscore table saving doohickey whilst I'm at it.

Incidentally, if anyone would like to contribute a super-fast php server/mysql database I could make use of, I might need that at some point in the future! Flash games tend to get a bit OTT as far as bandwidth usage is concerned!!

OK, so, getting on with things. 1. Learn Flash, 2. Create intro screen, 3. Make a nice reusable titlescreen, 4. write game #1.. all that, and about 8 days to do it..

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