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Note to magazines
  12th August, 2009
Microbes is here : Capital letters don't work in the URL, but RetroGamer uses them anyway..

WebUser Magazine have a rather interesting idea. Each issue, they make a list of all the links included in that issue, and post it onto their forum.
Lazy folk who can't be arsed to type can then go to that post on the forum and use that as they flick through the magazine.
I honestly think it's a fantastic idea.

Not only does it get people actually clicking those written links, but it also has a rather unique side-effect.

See, if it wasn't for WebUser's Link-Posts, I would never have had all those "referral link" records in my Google Analytics account, and as such would never have known about both instances where my games have appeared in their magazine.

Editors/Publishers/whatever must have very busy lives, because they didn't bother to tell me that they'd put my game in their magazine.
Surely I'm not asking for much. An email would do!
"Just to let you know, you're in XYZ Magazine, go and buy a copy and share it with your friends. Feel proud, feel happy, and feel a bit ripped off that we aren't sending you a free copy! But hey, at least we bothered to tell you!"

Point of this post? : Without emails, I had no idea. Only their link page brought forth the knowledge. Which makes me wonder, if I hadn't flicked through this month's Retro Gamer (Issue 67), would I ever have known that Microbes is on page 100?

Would I bugger.

Magazines, tell me already!!!!!

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