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  26th August, 2009
I've not had an LG Cookie for a few months, and instead picked up an LG Viewty.
The viewty's fine, no probs, but I met a few guys over at the MyLGCookie.com forum, and it was a nice experience, other than the hundreds of idiots there!

Alas, today, inexplicably, the MyLGCookie.com forum is no more.
I've made up a nice quick forum, over at bizhat.com, where they host freebie phpbb forums.
Nothing special, just something quick.

LG Are Pants (http://tinyurl.com/LGArePants)

It's nothing special, and it's nothing amazing, but it's there.
I'm not sure if folk from the cookie forum would bother to notice this posts, but if they do, there it is!

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