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Space Monkeys!!
  2nd September, 2009
Seems to be that a fair amount of suggestions are monkey based thoughts, so I figured why not make a new monkey collection?

If you've an idea for a new monkey game, shove it below or in the suggestion box, and we'll have a good fiddle around with them all.

Gameplay wise, I'm thinking of perhaps creating a structure to a few games, release one a week and create a sort of evolving storyline that somehow manages to link the games together.
At this point, I've no idea if that'll work. But hey, it's a thought, right!?

We'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, back to the silly RPG thing, which now has the character from Mini-Sokoban in the lead.
You'll be happy to know he's now been given the name "Ted Bob"!


(not looking "too" pokemon'ish, is it?)

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