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Getting Game-Like
  28th August, 2017


Hit that wonderful moment yesterday, when a bunch of code suddenly transforms into a game!


I LOVE that moment. It's certainly the biggest thrill in the world of AGameAWeek.
When everything you've spent hours typing in, suddenly groups together, and you end up with a playable fun thing instead of a bunch of disconnected images on the screen.

Today I need to finish a few things off, like the icons and screenshots and things like that, as well as doing a better logo than the current one, but most of the game is now at a finished state.

That's pretty much all I worked on, yesterday.
Coding like crazy to get the game playable, then adding sounds and music, and trying to design a logo.
The logo's rubbish and unreadable, so I'll be heading to 1001 Fonts later to find a better font for that.

But otherwise, all the bits seem to have fallen into place, and as "simple" as the game is, there's a nice amount of gameplay in there.
A productive day, especially when it was done with a migraine in the way!

Daily Doodle : More Snow

Platdude's on sleigh-pushing duties during this unexpectedly snowy day.


The pieces click together,
Like a jigsaw full of text.
The code becomes another game,
Which I'm releasing next.


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