Next Project…

Note to self : Make sure the “levels” are generating the same, before moving ahead!!

This is approximately the game I’ll be making this week.
Tonight’s been a nice productive night of getting the basic generator up and running, and deciding on the look of the game.
It’s turned out fairly well, I think.

Tomorrow I’ll be deciding how best to make it an Arcade kind of game, rather than a bog standard sports game.
I’ve a few ideas in mind, so .. Could be interesting to see where this one goes!

Player Thoughts – RetroRaider 3

Oh dear, that hasn’t gone down very well, has it?!

First up came the issue with the Level Generator.
Things seemed to break fairly late in the project, meaning that different systems were generating different sets of levels.
For this reason, the online scoreboards were removed, as they’d be impossible to properly compare between all the different level sets.

Doing test after test after test, right up until the last minute, led me to accidentally upload a broken version of the game. .. And not notice for about 5 hours, until TeamOUYA sent me their review, letting me know it was totally broken!

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Retro Broke!

If you’ve downloaded RetroRaider-3 at any point today, you might want to re-download the game.
Whilst stress testing my level generator, I accidentally left a few “quirks” in there, including a cheat mode, and a “feature” that locks the game up and doesn’t let you play.

A fix has been uploaded, so if you’re stuck with the broken version, you should go and grab the new one.

The broken version sees the current level end if you hit the V key, and the whole game lock up if you try to load levels much beyond the center one.

The fixed version does not!!

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Today is hot in Britain, for a change, and I’m barely thinking of much beyond “I need another drink!!”