Thanks for Being Here

Thanks for visiting the world of AGameAWeek.

Single-handedly, I give you the following..

1. A Daily Blog, with (for the past few months, at least) an incredibly dumb 4-line verse at the end of each daily blog entry.
2. A Daily Pixelart, which also comes with a 1920×1080 desktop image each and every day.
3. At least one piece of music every week. Sometimes more!
4. A weekly newsletter over at, filled with mostly junk, but occasionally the odd great thing that makes it all worthwhile.

and, of course..

5. A Game A Week… Which isn’t always weekly, but does at least attempt to be that.
Included with AGameAWeek is the massive, MASSIVE Jayenkai Archive of over 380 games that I’ve built up over the years, along with all the extra bits and pieces which can be grabbed from the various game pages.

I give you all this for free, because with so much content, it’s hard to put a decent price on any one specific item.

It may be that you’re here to try out new random game ideas every week, but it’s just as likely that you’re here because you absolutely LOVE one specific game. There are LOTS to choose from, and there have been some fantastic choices (and terrible failures!) over the years that I’ve been doing this.

You might have stumbled upon me because of the daily pixelarts that I post on Twitter each morning, or you may have enjoyed one or two of my ALChoons, and found me through that.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here, and that you’re along for the ride.

If you’d like to support me, and my creation of the mountains of insanity that I create, each and every week, then consider heading over to the Patreon page, where you can chip in as little as you’d like. Consider the moments of joy that AGameAWeek has brought to you over the years, and decide whether that’s worth a penny or two.

If you’d rather not spend money on the content, then at least consider sending me a nice thanks, be it on the comments of this blog, or via Twitter, or whatever other method you may like to do so.
Feedback is, after all, the most important thing to a content creator.

And, importantly, thanks for being here in the first place.
It makes me happy to know that my hours of content generation aren’t going to waste.

Stick around, and I hope you enjoy whatever crazy content I decide to come up with in the future.


HTML5 vs Scoreboards

HTML5 doesn’t let you send data between different domains.

Whereas my games are hosted at, the scoreboards are hosted at  Because of this, the online scoreboards have had to have been removed from the HTML5 edition.

There are two possible solutions.

1. Host the games here.

2. Stick some kind of “Pay it on your desktop for online high scores” notification in the game.

It’s an odd situation to be in, as so far I’ve tried to make all versions somewhat similar.  Not having online scoreboards in the HTML5 edition is quite a large difference between them.

Fwiw, any iOS edition also won’t have the AGameAWeek scoreboards, and will instead be using GameCenter.

How curious.

If you’ve any suggestions as to how else I can manage this oddity, be sure to pop them in the comments below
And congrats to everyone who figured out how to email me, today!! 🙂