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8 Brand New Freeware Mac Games!!!
  14th May, 2010
A couple of days ago I posted my first test compilation of a Mac game.

I asked for test-based feedback, and absolutely nobody responded, whatsoever. We're just going to have to go for the "Worked on mine, *shrugs*" approach for these!!

Today, I'm rereleasing the game from Wednesday with a quick fix, and also releasing a bunch of other games that I've written in BlitzMax.

We've also got JNKPlat and Gravity Bombs to come, but I want to tweak those a little before I rerelease them.

Anyway, here's the list... Enjoy!

BlitzMax Beginnings

Starting with BlitzMax, I quickly built up a framework, and had finally crossed over to MultiPlatform abilities!

1. Munky Tests his Engine

A simple speedy typing game created to literally test the engine!

2. Centipong 2

A game that probably should've turned out a lot better than it did. Poor effort

3. Box's Adventure (aka BadgeBox)

A nice simple "hunt around" style of adventure game, featuring a box and a bunch of other geometric shapes!

Mario Month!

(During MARch2010, I made some MAR10 games)

4. Ted Bob in a Mario Costume

Hop on the hens to score a whopping great big combo score.

5. Ace Paceman in a Mario Costume

Guide the upside down space plumber to extinguish the flames, and capture all the balls.

6. Munky in a Mario Costume

Munky hops around in Bowser's castle, trying to collect all the coins that he can. There is no way out, only ways to collect!

7. Blockman in a Mario Costume

Help Blockman protect the Blocklets, and guide them all safely to the exit.


8. UFO 246

A rerelease from a couple of days ago, with fixed Audio Driver based issues!

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