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Rooty Tooty Shooty
  4th January, 2012
This game makes you want to cry...

.. or not bother..

AGameAWeek, Year 4.
The plan was to make the first month full of annoying games that would annoy the crap out of the player, whilst still being playable.
Something went horribly wrong with this game.

Rather than create an annoying but playable game, I just made a really annoying one.

Windows Download | Mac Download

Oh well, there's always next week!


Mac Edition

I recently had to update to MacOSX Lion, and I'm pretty sure it's knackered everything.
If you have either MacOSX Lion or Snow Leopard, grab this game, and let me know if it works AT ALL...
I'm seriously getting peed at the Lion.
.. stupid Lion..

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