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Monkey Skeleton 13_06_13
  13th June, 2013
Time for an update to my Monkey Framework!
This week I noticed that, having upgraded my version of Monkey recently, Android's Back Button was no longer being recognised, so I took a bit of time to figure out why that was happening, and updated the Framework to suit the new methods.

The Download

Jayenkai's Monkey Framework, as of 20th October 2013 | Blog Post

Older versions

Jayenkai's Monkey Framework, as of 13th June 2013 | Blog Post
23rd March 2013 | Blog Post
25th February 2013 | Blog Post
28th January 2013 | Blog Post

Also in this update..

* The new "Testcard in place of a Credits Screen" stuff.
* A few quick-to-access name based settings, up at the top of the file, because it was starting to wind me up having to keep opening .monkey files, just to change the name of the game!
* URL Data quicky test. You'll want to remove it, but it's in there, and it seems to work ok.
* New version of the Icon Resizer (See below for further details)
* A few tweaks that I've probably forgotten all about.

You can Download Monkey_Skeleton_2013_06_13 here


Enhanced Icon Builder

I've started by shoving Icon Builder into it's own slightly neater folder.
In here, you'll find a new "Backing.png" image.
You can either leave the default in place, replace it with something game relevant, or delete it entirely to get a random patchwork blurry thing!

The Icon Builder will take this image, and any given Icon-XYZ.png images, to construct a bunch of correctly sized and named iOS Icons, along with Solid and Transparent icons in various sizes. If you have a NameofGame.build/android/ folder, it'll also replace the icons in there, so that your next Android Build will include the new icons..

It will then use the Backing.png (or a random splodgey thing), along with your game's Icon-hd2.png, (../NameofGame.data/Icon-hd2.png) to generate Launch images for your iOS Game, as well as a batch of extra images that you can quickly fling over to the GooglePlay Store.
Oh, and a nice DVD Case, for good measure, which uses the included Overlay image!

As usual, the .bmx BlitzMax source for this is included, and the ini file should allow you to come up with all manner of other curiosities. Lemmie know if you do anything fun with it.

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