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  7th February, 2012
Yet another uninteresting generic snake clone! yeay!
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Snake , Snake
  5th February, 2012
Over the weekend, Sheep Goes Left has been free.

Don't worry if you missed it, because it's actually still free until the 8th of February, I just won't be banging on about it on Twitter like I have been!

...Feel free to tell your mates, and turn your twitter output into a giant sheep filled spam-attack!

Want more Sheep?
There's ALWAYS more Sheep!!

The Nintendo DS Homebrew edition of the game is right here, while the PC (/Linux/Mac) edition is also here.

Both the DS and PC versions have 100 levels, but only the iOS edition contains a whopping 300 levels to play through. Yikes!!!

There's also the original iOS soundtrack, 100% free, downloadable here, and the DS's mod-based edition of the soundtrack here.

Gotta love the sheep!

Enjoy the game!
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Daily Blog
  3rd February, 2012
Last week, there was no AGameAWeek.
It was the clown's fault..
.. stupid clown..

With my newer shinier iOS Framework running the way it was more-or-less supposed to be, I decided to take a week to "quickly" port an AGameAWeek game over to iOS.
People had expressed an interest in a tilt-controlled version of Unijuggler, and I figured what the hey.
1. Scrolling Background
2. Moving Objects
3. Collisions

It's pretty much SpikeDislike, except you're hitting the objects instead of avoiding them.
Should be easy, right? Especially since I already had all the sprites drawn from the original AGameAWeek edition.

So, in the assets went, and in went a simple scrolling background.
It took a good couple of hours to get those clown sprites realigned, so that the guy's head wasn't inexplicably 16 pixels over his shoulders, and his legs weren't flailing all over the place as he cycled.
Job done.

Then I added a ball...
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Daily Blog
  31st January, 2012
Insert sad face here..

This week I've been concentrating on iOS development, getting a nice half-assed version of Unijuggler up and running, and playing with the game's rules in a vague attempt to make it a bit more playable. Seems to be coming along OK!
After that I had one of those horrible lack-of-sleep weekends, and all went to pot.

No matter.

Next week, something fun!
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Daily Blog
  28th January, 2012
It's Saturday morning, and I've not yet started Tuesday's game.
Haven't even got any thoughts in mind, either!

As such, I figured I should warn you all incase I don't actually get a game posted, this week.
If I do attempt something, it'll probably be done in PlayMyCode, because that'll save all the current Mac crap that I'm having to put up with. Damn you Lion!!!

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Daily Blog
  24th January, 2012

A sequel for this week's AGameAWeek!

I've been thinking about Key, Bo and Ard since I popped them into NeonPlat Adventures a few months back, so I finally sat down to build this nice new puzzler.
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  24th January, 2012
Guide Key Bo and Ard towards their homes.
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Puzzle , Maze
  22nd January, 2012
News, today, of a new Sitcom under development at HBO.
HBO are converting Indie Game The Movie into a sitcom!
A sitcom based on a bunch of videogame developers?
How on earth would THAT work!?!

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Daily Blog
  19th January, 2012
Bah.. I knew that'd happen..
As soon as AGameAWeek kicked back into action, the "Daily Blog" would take a bit of a fall.

I'm trying to keep up, though! Honest!!
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Daily Blog
  17th January, 2012
It's another uninteresting game this week, so apologies if you just plain hate it!

It's not bad, it's just not good, either!
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  17th January, 2012
Slide the tiles into the correct places
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Puzzle , Slide
  16th January, 2012
So, I'm sitting there trying to get a nice GameCenter thing added to my new framework, and I figured that having to display people's names might very well require a bit of Unicode..
(Note : This is the reason my other iOS games don't have names on the highscore lists!)

In Cocos, you can use 3 font styles.. one is a simple bitmap font (this one I can handle!) one is a complex bitmap font (with a required 50,000,000,000,000 images to handle all the possible languages!) and the third one uses ttf fonts.

Obviously, I opted for the ttf one!
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Daily Blog
  15th January, 2012

Today, I'm continuing to build a framework for my iOS games.

You might've noticed that I've started a buttload of iOS games, lately, and yet I haven't finished any of the things..
I've noticed that, too, and quite frankly it's getting to be a bit of a joke.

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Daily Blog
  12th January, 2012
Tonight, I got home from work with a game idea in mind.
Using my freshly reinstalled PC, I settled down for the first bit of coding on the thing, copied my FrameworkTemplate to a new folder, drew a couple of sprites, opened the code, built up a simple array/tilemap test engine, and then hit Build..

.. Aaah..
Seems my dev-environment isn't quite at 100% yet, because I coded the thing into a FrameworkTemplate from about a year ago, and all the nice new stuff is missing.

What a waste of an hour!

Tomorrow, I'll attempt to do the same thing again, only with newer files!
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Daily Blog
  11th January, 2012
Another day, another install..

About 12 months ago, my bedroom PC basically crapped it's pants, and became an inexplicably unusable box that sat in the corner of the room.
Knowing I'd need to format, I hunted for the Vista install disc, then remembered that..
A) Vista didn't bloody well come with one (Buying from Comet would've been handy, there!)
B) It'd been ages since I'd bought any blank DVDs

Still, I had a Mac, so sod it!!

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Daily Blog
  10th January, 2012
Keep the balls in the air while travelling as far as you can.
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Juggling , Clown
  9th January, 2012

A nice and simple "Highscore" game.
Keep the Unijuggler's balls afloat, and if you're feeling lucky, you can try forging ahead for some distance points, too!
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  8th January, 2012
I was absolutely shattered, when I got home from work last night.
I tried to watch an episode of House, but gave up halfway, and zonked out by about 11'ish.

Probably didn't do me much good, then, to have woken up at half one in the morning, and spent the next 4 hours coding away.
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Daily Blog
  6th January, 2012
Not sure why, but I'm finding it difficult to get a start on things, this morning.
Yesterday I managed to get a whole lot of stuff done, ranging from webby fixes, through to making a unicycle.
Today, I'm loading up bits of source, staring at it, closing it, trying something else..

I've been doing this for about 49 minutes, according to my playlist's timer!

I think I'll grab the 3DS and carry on attempting random Mario levels.
Hopefully that'll go a little better.

Coming Tuesday : A game with a unicycle.
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Daily Blog
  4th January, 2012
This game makes you want to cry...

.. or not bother..Read More
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