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20th October 2020  
The little racer is coming along fairly well.


I'm currently trying to find a good way to do a "Best line" kind of thing, so that AI cars tend to stick to a better path than they currently are doing.
Trying to find the optimum cornering, when to take the inside or outside of a curve, and also letting the AI know when to slow down, instead of hammering the accelerator all the time!

But it's definitely getting better.
.. I think!

To be honest, I won't really know until I take control of the player car, and see how well I can actually do against them.

Not 100% sure on what the scoring mechanism will be for this game.
Current thinking is start with a countdown timer, tick away, then once you've finished, multiply that by "x minus your position".
Race over 4 tracks, then give a final score.

Something to that effect, anyway..
We'll have to wait and see!

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