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Slow Day
24th October 2020  
I didn't get a whole lot done, yesterday.


I spent about an hour trying to get the car to sound right.
Without adding a specific sound just for the engine, I jumped through all the different Browsercade default sounds, looking for something that sounds vaguely right as a rumbling "brum brum" kind of sound.
.. A lot of the sounds didn't work, since most of the Browsercade sounds are very blippy and beepy, but I think the clank sound from Pogo The Fridge doesn't sound "too" bad.
I might, however, end up adding a special sound just for this game.

A few tweaks and a LOT more balancing to do, today.
The rest of the game seems to be flowing well enough, and I'm vaguely happy with the scoring method.
It should be ok.
I think..

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