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Putting Pieces Together
13th November 2020  
Yesterday I finally started work on adding a level select to Browsercade.


I've started by adding boxes! Hurray for Boxes!!
Each box labelled A to Y, just as the Shoebox level select is.
I now need to add multiple pages to allow for a even more levels.

Next up will be the need to rewrite the Top/Last scoreboard script, because.. obviously, you won't need that for levels.. .. Or, rather, it'll be a HUGE amount of data to store, if you did!
Instead, the level select thing will probably just save the best score for each level, and whether you've completed it.

If I'm honest, and considering the amount of work I put into this yesterday, it's not very functional!
But it's a start.
At the very least, next time I'm planning a puzzle sort of game, I should be able to easily let the player pick from a variety of levels.

So that's handy!

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