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15th December 2020  
I coded on the Switch/SmileBASIC, yesterday!


I spent some time rejigging the titlescreen of my Template. Now instead of "Giant Icon in the Middle", it's "tiled icon, scrolling endlessly". It's not a big change, but it is at least a change!
I've also set up the beginnings of an "Easy/Normal/Hard" methodology. It's been a LONG time since I tackled Easy/Normal/Hard properly in my games, and I'm thinking that maybe it might be time to get back into that.

... Or I could be lazy and not bother, and turn off the Easy/Normal/Hard!

Browsercade can already handle Easy/Normal/Hard, but I just haven't bothered to use it in ages. I've gotten very lazy in my gamedev styles!

I still have to rejig the score saving routine so it can handle different modes like that, but it shouldn't be "too" tricky, I don't think.


Yesterday's Testcard didn't go as well as I was hoping. Testcard H is most definitely one that likes to exist in the realm of a classic 4:3 aspect ratio.
I tried my best to make a version that would work happily in other ratios, but .. Boy, was it tricky!
The hardest part is the EVERYTHING has to fit in the top 1/3rd of the screen!! It has to be large enough to be readable, small enough to be squished in, but also large enough to fill the width of the screen.
.. Those aren't all doable at the same time!!

I can see why Testcard F and its brethren have become the standard for testcards. ... It's because they bloomin' well scale properly!!

Incidentally, I've now linked all three of my Advent Creation websites together. The Sprite Generator, the Knitter, and the Testcards. At the top-left of all three sites are now links to the other two. (This appears on the Testcard when you open the menu.)
I've also implemented a tiny description of each of the testcards, too, for those interested, and clicking the description will take you to the Testcard Archive that I've been frequently using whilst building it all up.

You can See all the new features here.

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