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Music Generation
21st December 2020  

Alan writes

Possibly others have alerted you to this already.
Since you write a lot of "choons", I thought of JNK when I saw this:


View on YouTube

It is indeed an interesting musical tool. The idea of procedurally generating music has intrigued me since the days of Algorythm on the Amiga, which would create random music from nothing.

Over the years, I've attempted to recreate the effect, with occasional success and failures along the ways.
The most recent edition of JMTrackr is available on the Switch, via SmileBASIC. You plot a vague melody, hit the random button, and out comes a Choon.
A few months back, I attempted to try and get a version of that to run in Javascript for the Browsercade, but .. it wasn't very successful due to the many complexities of browser based audio support.

Having said that, I am still intrigued by the possibility, and perhaps it's something I should work on, once again.
It'd certainly be easier if I could type in a melody and have the game produce something with it, than if I had to faff about with mod editors and extra uploads and caching issues.

.. And, heck, with my recent switch to Mac, I currently don't HAVE a decent Mod editor!

Maybe I should set myself the task, and see how far it gets me?

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