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26th December 2020  
Looks like that Testcard Generator might come in handy!!


My Twitter accounts are mostly demolished, and I'm currently fighting with Gmail because SoCoder uses oldskool email sending methods, and Gmail wants modern methods, because Gmail is the god of all email, and if you don't do it properly, then screw you and your oldskool emails.

I swear, the spammers get away with everything. Tons of spammy twitter accounts, and sending out thousands of spam emails every minute.
But me?
Doing things manually, all prim and proper?
I'm the one that gets screwed over by these god-awful rules.

Where's the fairness?!!

Only a matter of time before all the browsers decide that "Eeeuw, a html website with Javascript!?!" is god-awful and oldskool, and ready for removal.


Merry Xmas, Jay!!

Today's Plan

Try and try again to get my emails working right.
They're not spammy. They just let users know when a thread they're subscribed to has a new email.
Alternatively.. You know.. If they want to ACTUALLY REGISTER, then it's a good thing to be able to send that email, too.


Right, yeah, sort that out. That's the important thing, right now.


Why, yes, I WOULD like to be making a game, right now.. Thanks for asking!

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