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28th December 2020  
I made my first ALChoon for 2021 yesterday.


I've not posted the choon yet. . It's not 2021, yet!
But the choon is done, and I spent some time playing around with various methods to create a video.
I used the output that FFmpeg gave (the simple waveform output), added a simple parallax background, and used some simple effects on those.
The output is.. OK.. I think..

But it's far from perfect.

This started me on a path of hunting for decent "visualiser" apps, but .. boy, they're few and far between, without being prohibitively expensive!
The "Best of the best" seems to be Final Cut Pro... At which point I screamed for approximately 3 hours, after seeing its price tag.

If only the wonderful Milkdrop/Geiss was available on Mac..

I'll keep hunting.
In an ideal world, Lumia Fusion would have a few nice options for making music videos, but.. Nope..
Bah, humbug!

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New games every week!
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