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30th December 2020  
Yesterday I scrambled together the second choon for the first 2021 AL Bum.


As I sat with the choon complete, I wondered about what to do with the video.
The script will autogenerate a simple waveform display using FFmpeg, and that gets dragged over to Luma Fusion on the iPad, where it forms part of the video.
But what else goes into the video?

A simple titlecard, and maybe a static dull background?
That's not very interesting..

My mind wandered the concept of utilising stock-footage, and other such ideas, but nothing
What else could be used for a background?!

That's when I started to think about creating my own generator, once again. But nowadays I tend not to write software, and instead simply make webpages.
Could a webpage be made to make a video?

Time passes

A few hours later, the test script was up and running.
The script runs some basic code that generates an effect on the Canvas, whilst simultaneously capturing the canvas output, and creating a video file. After x seconds, the recording ends, and the video is downloaded.

It does, of course, require a fairly substantial system to run well, so I'm glad that my new MacBook Air is capable of running it. Of course, this is still an extremely basic test, and I'm sure any further additions will make it slower and slower!!
But as far as concepts go, I'm quite happy with the outcome.
I've already made use of this simple effect, and it's in the B video for the new AL Bum which isn't starting to be posted until Friday!! Oooh, look at me, creating ahead of schedule!!

If you'd like to play with the tool (but with the forewarning that if you set the video to render too long a time, it'll more than likely crash your browser!!) you can Play with it here.
Again, it's nothing amazing, and is currently only a concept.
.. But it's a nice concept, which appears to work!!

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