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Schedule Decisions
1st January 2021  
I've been trying to decide on what schedule might work best for this year.


Friday the first.. Seems like a good day to post an ALChoon, so.. Maybe stick to Fridays for those?

I learned today that SmileBASIC's 10th birthday (The original release of Petit Computer on Nintendo DSi) will be on March the 9th. (2011/03/09 being the original version's release, in Japan, on the DSi) That falls on a Tuesday, so I suppose Tuesdays will be SmileBASIC games? Though in reality, I tend to post them midway through the day before, so they're available for players in Japan on the day intended. (Timezones.. Grrr!!)

Monday for SmileBASIC, then?

If I assume "Most of the weekend" = SmileBASIC development, then I guess that means "Most of the week" = Shoebox/Browsercade development.

Tue/Wed/Thur/Friday to code a Shoebox/Browsercade game for a Friday release.
Sat/Sun/Monday to code the SmileBASIC game for a Monday release.

That seems doable, right!?
I can manage that!?

Let's give it a couple of weeks, and see how things pan out.

First thing's first, though. Gotta get that first ALChoon up!

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