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4th January 2021  
Looks like Game #1 is ready to go.


A few tweaks to the level generator, early this morning, and the levels are coming out a little tougher.
It's nothing amazing, and isn't incredibly difficult, but it is at least a fun little idea.

Today's tasks include figuring out how/where I can bundle all the assets in a decent way. That's yet another old favourite Blitz tool that I no longer have on the Mac. D'oh..
I also need to grab a video using the Switch, and then do all the uploading and other stuff.
.. Honestly, there's tons I have to do, today.
This is most-certainly the hardest part of writing a game!!

"Grin and Eat It" should be available in SmileBASIC in about an hour or so.

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New games every week!
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