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Optimisation Required
5th January 2021  
Boy, yesterday wasn't easy!!


I had to revert to Windows for a few tasks, yesterday.
The program which scans for new games in the petit-game folder, generating title cards for them.
The program which scans for new videos and generates little gif files.
The ability to quickly convert images from jpg to png without scattering the results in crazy folders all over the system, and coming up with warnings that I'm doing this on a network drive, so it can't store 79 bazillion archived versions of the file (which hasn't been altered) along the way..

Yep. I'm not quite 100% prepared, yet.
I'm now contemplating how hard this is going to be for Browsercade/Shoebox, too, and .. The prospect isn't exactly something I'm looking forward to!

In the end, with a little help from Windows, I managed to get everything prepared, and the uploads went fairly smoothly.
I could definitely do with the ability to easily say "This file from this folder". The few times I've tried doing that in a dialogue, it's ended up copying the file into the current dialogue's folder, instead of moving the dialogue to that folder.
Easily jumping between folders seems oddly difficult in MacOS.

There's a "Recently used folders" list at the end of most dialogue boxes, but they appear to be limited to folder which that app has visited, and .. maybe I'm just not used to MacOS yet, but I'm not seeing a simple "Address bar" like Windows has, where I can plonk in the text address of a folder, and it leaps directly to it.

Having said all that, yesterday's first attempt wasn't "too" bad.
I could definitely do with writing a few more php scripts to handle the converting and stuff, but for the most part, it all seems to be working well enough.

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