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Y3:Xmas - Platdude's Retro Advent Collection
  1st December, 2010

A brand new game, EVERY DAY over Christmas!

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Day 1 : Ball Wall

Hit the ball against the wall

Day 2 : Snake Ate

Eat bits

Day 3 : Splodge Dodge

Dodge the Splodges

Day 4 : Same Game

Tap the button to match the sequence

Day 5 : Spike Dislike

Avoid the spikes

Day 6 : Hop Atop

Follow the path.

Day 7 : Line Time

Connect the Dots

Day 8 : Snake Hate

Follow the path.

Day 9 : Bullet Grabbit

Grab the green bullets, avoid the red ones.

Day 10 : Run Fun

A good old Waggler!

Day 11 : Wheee Ski

A simple Slalom game.

Day 12 : Red Dread

Avoid the timely red splodges.

Day 13 : Shovel Trouble

Sweep for Mines!

Day 14 : Rock Chuck

Throw the rocks to bludgeon the incomers!

Day 15 : Bug Dug

Dig holes to catch the bugs.

Day 16 : Pipe Flight

Tap up, or drop. Classic worm in a tunnel!

Day 17 : Snowman Pileman

Catch the snowmen!

Day 18 : All Ball

Keep the balls in the air.

Day 19 : Phase Maze

Find the path.

Day 20 : Jumpy Bumpy

Hop your way up.

Day 21 : Eye Fight

Shoot each other!

Day 22 : Match Batch

Collect the Colours

Day 23 : Intense Defence

Destroy the baddies, steal their shield!

Day 24 : Bug Chug

Have a nice long drive.

Day 25 : Pop 'n' Stop

By popular demand!!!

And we'll continue like this every day for the next 3 weeks, because if there's anything that puts you in a minigame mood, it's making a stupidly terrible RPG like this one.

Click here to download 'em all
Each morning, a new game to play, building into a lovely big collection of silly games.

Merry Christmas, everybody!!

Today's Game is
Pop 'n' Stop

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