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10th February 2021
OK, Made the game from last night's nap, but the dream-game didn't come with a title..


It's more of a puzzle than Tickety Blast was, but much less arcadey. But then, it's a Shoebox game, so that's ok!
The grid contains a few numbers, and you always start in the same position.
Any numbers you land on suggest how far you can next leap, in a single direction, from that position. The next landing spots are illustrated by the purple floor tiles.

If you land on a square without a number, you lose.
Your goal is the chequered square.

Not all numbers need be landed on, and not all numbers are useful.

This game is temporarily named "Goto", but that's a rubbish name, so with a couple of days until release, I thought I might give you all the chance to name the game.
Chuck your ideas in the comments below, and I'll pick my favourite on Friday!
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Puzzle , Shoebox
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