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Struggling On...
15th February 2021  
Hmm.. Things didn't go well, yesterday!


I've opted to remove weapons from the enemy ships, and go back to having them ram into the player ship, instead!

The reason? The black cannon-balls aren't all that easy to see against the dark water, they move too quickly to avoid (which I guess was one of the reason they were so effective back in the day) and once there's more than one enemy ship, either side of you, you're pretty much dead in the water.

Having a great big lumbering ship coming at you...? Much easier to see!! And avoid.. .. And shoot!!

The player, of course, will still have their cannon-balls to blast at the enemy, but with a super-limited refresh rate, and a limited supply of balls.

This reversion will take a few hours to get working right, so don't expect the game to appear before about 4'ish tonight, I reckon.
But.. Yeah, it's getting there!!

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