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SmileBASIC 4 - Golly, Roger!
15th February 2021  

Take to the waters, and destroy all the enemy, as you scoop up the treasures buried at sea.

If you've a Switch and SmileBASIC, you can grab a copy of the game using the Public Key



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What I Didn't Do

A few things.
First, I couldn't get a decent chain-effect working, for scooping up the treasure chests.
.. Hopefully people won't complain about that!!

Secondly, there's a little flicker when it gets too busy. Tried to solve that.. Didn't.. Bugger.

Third, The game needs a left and right to turn, and also a left and right to fire. I opted for triggers for left+right fire.
.. Browsercade doesn't have those, though.
Might not be able to do a port, until I've figured that out.

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