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16th February 2021  
OK, time to stop thinking about that lovely boat game..
.... maybe..


I've had a different idea for a game, for Browsercade, so I'm going to see how well that works out, today.
Not 100% sure it'll work out, but hopefully it'll be a fun addition to the site if it does.

Endless runner, pseudo 3D landscape, definitely not influenced by Super Mario 3D World...


Yesterday* someone sent me a link to a video of the game Overboard.
A rather similar Pirate ships sailing around, shooting at things, and picking up the booty.
Instead of being a large open arena, the game is more of a path/maze type thing, and the cannons..
.. They fire repetitively from the front of the ship.

I mean, that's nice, and all, but if you're just shooting endless bullets in a forward direction, why bother going to the effort of making it a little ship?
Little ships don't do that.
They fire cannonballs out from the side of the ship, and reload slowly because .. it's not easy to reload a cannon!!
Silly illogical game logic.

Still, it might be a nice game to revisit in the future..

*actually it was a few days ago, but I didn't want to be stealing/thieving/Pirating the idea, so didn't watch it until after I'd posted the game!

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