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17th February 2021  
New Nintendo Direct (first in over a year) today. Anybody excited!?


I'm hoping they show off some of BOTW2. I enjoyed aimless wandering for over 300 hours, and would love some new areas to aimlessly wander around in.
.. but am also slightly worried that the gameplay will be story-based, and that my lovely aimless wandering will be for nothing.
Bah, humbug.


Yesterday's experiments with pseudo-3D didn't go well.
It was far too hard to tell where the player was, in relation to the floor. (and/or no floor!)
I might scrap that game and start something else, then..

Random game incoming!!

Meanwhile, Meanwhile..

JFarceur has been in contact to let me know the new Clusters of Hex collision detection is far from perfect, so I guess I'll be looking into that again, today.
It's pretty much all down to the hexagonal offsets, and having to connect to the right adjacent tiles. Seems it isn't quite linking the tiles exactly as it oughta.
I'll have to redo some maths for that, I reckon.

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New games every week!
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