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18th February 2021  
First MRI of the new Shunt. Hope it goes well!!


The scan isn't for another few hours, which "should" give me a little time to code, but honestly probably won't.
I'm sitting here slightly worried as to what might show up on the scan.
Will everything be ok with my new shunt?
Or has something already gone awry?

To be honest, I likely won't know the results for a few days, but even so, I'm worrying and fretting about what those results might be.

Ho-hum.. Carry on..


I've barely coded anything of the Frogger-clone thing, or even drawn any sprites.
I spent far too long, yesterday, wrapped up in the possibility of scripts, that I barely did anything of the game that I'm supposed to be releasing.. tomorrow!?! Yikes!

I think we'll probably be going with Munky for this one, though, since I haven't had him in a game for AGES!

A plan is in mind. Will it be playable?! Only one way to find out.
.. And that way is to stop worrying about other things, and get on with the coding!
Disclaimer : If there isn't a game, this week, please don't grumble!!

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New games every week!
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