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18th February 2021  
Let's all adjourn next week with a Frogger game..


Today took it out of me much more than I thought it would. Waking up early, then the aching, impatient waiting, for the transport to arrive.
Headed off to hospital, a 10 minute wait before my 10 minute scan, and slowly but surely within about 3 hours total I was back home again.

But by that point, all my energy had been sucked dry!
I've had a short nap, and generally sat around feeling exhausted.
I'm really not in good shape, nowadays, and definitely need to exercise more!

No coding has happened today, and it's not looking even remotely as though I'm getting anything done by tomorrow. So we'll call this the first skipped week of the year

Next week, some sort of Frogger kind of thing.


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