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Better Music
5th March 2021  
After a little tweaking, I finally got ... something..!


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Some progress has been made on adding audio to the Video Generator script.
It doesn't appear to be in sync, because, realistically, I should be flinging particles a few milliseconds BEFORE the beat, but I don't know of the beat until the beat happens due to the realtime nature of the Javascript engine.

A further issue is that it doesn't yet record the audio. I'm not sure why, but after about an hour looking through all my code, testing, testing and testing again, I still haven't figured it out.
I might try rewriting that chunk, and see if I can solve it. It might just be that the browser won't record any mp3 audio, for security issues. I have NO idea if that's the case, though, and am only guessing.

Once that's working (if that works!) I'll have to add some kind of GUI to account for loading and playing the mp3's, and hope that I can manage to load local MP3s instead of server-based ones.

There's an awful lot of hope/wish going on, here!!

You can Play with the VidGen here, but the new audio-based additions aren't uploaded yet.. because, there's not much point unless you can replace the audio with your own stuff!!

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