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Petit Progress
6th March 2021  
Work on this week's SmileBASIC game is coming along reasonably well.


My usual Platform-Engine issues have cropped up once again. The whole "Jumping through blocks when you hit them at exactly the right angle" issue has had to be fixed, yet again!

But the two characters are now wandering the environment in a decent enough way.
High-Jumper, "1", can reach higher platforms, whilst Long-Jumper, "0", can reach further platforms.

Whilst playing around with the engine, it became blindingly obvious that the two characters should interact a teensy bit, so I've made it so that they can bounce off each other, to reach even higher platforms. .. Which of course then results in the other character getting stuck on the floor beneath.

Movement wise, this now feels like it should be a fun game to play.
.. Except that, right now, there's pretty much no game, and it's all running in a test environment with not much else going on.

Today, then.. Gotta code a game to go with it!

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