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10th March 2021  
Since switching to MacOS, I've been shuffling a lot of my archive/backup stuff around, as well as a bunch of the "live" files.


Hopefully I've not broken anything on the site, yet, but a fair amount of shuffling has been to do with Foldapuz, Shoebox, Browsercade and SmileBASIC

I have folders within each of those named "zz-AssetManager" where I store the assets before uploading. 2 screenshots, Icon, Logo, "Steam icon".
Traditionally I dump them there so that they're easily accessible when doing the uploads. But, due to their placements, they're getting uploaded in duplicate, and things are getting a little crowded.
Instead then, I've moved the Asset Manager from "every engine has its own folder" to a single "everything gets dumped into a giant folder, outside of the main folders" style.

Basically instead of four separate Foldapuz/AssetManager, Shoebox/AssetManager, Browsercade/AssetManager and Petit/AssetManager, I now have one great big giant AssetManager/ folder. Within that are folders for every single game that I've written for those four things, and I now have a neat little scanner to filter through, fix up what it can, and also tell me what's missing.

In the past year or so, I added CoverArt to the mix, as well as upping the screenshots to 4 per game. (Even though, I haven't yet started implementing those extra screenshots onto the site!!)
The new single-folder scanner tool can flick through and let me know which game listings are missing what assets, as well as a grand total at the end.

It currently tells me there are 701 missing assets.
My task will be to generate those missing assets, and upload them one-by-one to the server.
.. What I could REALLY do with doing, is integrating this new folder layout into the game archive, so the I have one single layout style, and not 100,000 random files sprawled all across the server..

.. But all that's for another day.
For now, the task is to fill up the asset manager.
And, probably go back and do all the older stuff, too.
There's an awful lot of assets to build!

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