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Browsercade - Flipping Floors
12th March 2021  

Help our hero find the way through the landscape of flipping floors.

You can Play Flipping Floors in the Browsercade, under the Platformer section. (Why isn't my Goto function working anymore?!)


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What I Didn't Do

In the Switch "version" of this game, there are coins to collect and arrows shooting around the level.
In this edition, I made the floors "collectable" a bit like how NeonPlat works.
As for arrows. .. I felt the game was hard enough.
Most of the difficulty difference between the two editions is down to the fact that this world scrolls, making things a little less easy to plan ahead.

I think it's a good enough change. .. But if you feel the game is too easy, be sure to let me know!

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New games every week!
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