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15th March 2021  
This week's SmileBASIC game got a whole lot more playable, yesterday!


Just a couple of little tweaks did it, one of which involved adding a tiny 4 frame delay between when the character (Buggly) lands, and when you can leap again.
It's a very very minor change, and really isn't all that noticeable when you're playing, but it's enough of a delay to help things look "right" when they're playing out onscreen.

This morning I want to do a couple of tweaks to the background, then do the usual screenshots, etc, and it'll all be online in a couple of hours.


Spent more time working with the new Asset Manager, yesterday.
I'm going to attempt to get it to upload to the server, too. This'll involve having to write a way to "POST" an image via a php script on the Mac, uploading it to a second php script on the server, which will handle the upload and put things where they oughta be...
Something I haven't yet attempted to do, and a possible security risk if handled incorrectly.

Tricky stuff!!

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